Boat Charters Brisbane Luxury Party Boat Cruises Charter Boat Hire.

Boat Charters Brisbane Luxury and Budget Party Cruises, charter boats in the heart of Brisbane cruising the Brisbane river and in Morton Bay and the Brisbane area, are ideal for any special private function, party boat cruises and wedding cruises. 

Brisvegas Cruises  Brisbane Charter Boat James Cavill.
Brisbane charter boat James Cavill Brisvegas Cruises, Brisbane charter boat the James Cavill is ideal for parties or weddings and can carry up to 120 guests, for info Brisvegas Cruises Brisbane
Mirimar Cruises  Brisbane Charter Boat Mirimar.
Brisbane charter boat Mirimar  Brisbane charter boat Mirimar is great for weddings or parties on the Brisbane Rivers and can carry up to 130 guests, Mirimar Cruises Brisbane

Brisvegas Cruises  Brisbane Charter Boat Lady in Red.
Brisvegas Cruises  Brisbane charter boat Lady In Red, Brisvegas Cruises is catered and has a licensed bar and can carry up to 120 guests, for more info go to Brisvegas Cruises

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